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Magnetism in Junior Infants

This month Ms. Madden’s class learned about magnetism. We couldn’t wait to see what our magnets would stick to! We had lots of fun experimenting and testing out our theories. The best part was playing with the magnets and discovering … Continue reading

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Junior Infants: Planting seeds

The girls in Ms. Nolans class had great fun planting seeds recently. Take a look at them in action!

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Examining for signs of Spring in 3rd Class

3rd class examined the environment around them for all the signs of Spring. They had great fun as you can see below!

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3rd class explore Tullow

The girls in 3rd had a super time exploring their hometown of Tullow. They examined local monuments and the cemetery, examining the past. They visited the Thomas Traynor memorial and found out lots of facts about him. It was great … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring Hunt in Senior Infants

The girls in Senior Infants had great fun locating all the signs of Spring in the environment around them. They worked together and ticked off all the signs as they went on their way, even seeing some extras too!  

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Science week : 5th class visit to Carlow I.T

As part of Science week the children from 4th and 5th class visited Carlow I.T for a presentation called ‘Scienceology’ which included lots of fun experiments. Everyone has a great day!

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Nature Trail in 4th

4th Class young scientists investigate our Nature Trees on a recent Nature Trail.

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