September (1) 2013

Scoil Mhuire Lourdes Tullow, Co.Carlow

School Phone: 059-9151875 School Fax: 059-9152292 E-mail address: 9 September 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of the Staff and Board of Management I welcome you to another school year. We extend a special “céad mile failte” to the 30 new junior infants.

School Calendar. The following is a list of holidays/breaks for the coming year: 1. Halloween Break: School will finish at usual time on Friday, October 25th and re-open on Monday, 4th November. (Standardised Holidays) 2. Christmas Holidays: School will finish at 12 noon on Friday 20th Dec. and will reopen on Monday 6th January 2014. (Standardised Holidays) 3. February Midterm: School will be closed for the week 17th – 21st February (Standardised Holidays). 4. March: School will be closed on March 17th (Public Holiday) 5. Easter Holidays: Provisionally, school will finish at 12 noon on Friday, April 11th and reopen on Monday 28th April. However, the Department of Education and Skills has decided that if school has to be closed due to bad weather at any stage before Easter holidays, the length of the holidays might be reduced by remaining open up to Wednesday April 16th. 6. May: School will be closed on Monday May 5th (Public Holiday) 7. June: School will be closed on Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd June (Public Holiday & School Holiday) 8. School will close at 12 noon for Summer holidays on Friday June 27th 2014.

♦ Proposed dates for swimming for the coming year:

5th class: Sept. 11th – Oct. 23rd incl 4th class: Nov. 6th – Dec. 18th incl 2nd class: Jan. 15th – March 12th incl 3rd class: March 19th – May 21st incl

As you know the number of teaching staff has been reduced by two. This means that we haven’t got enough other teachers to accompany each class teacher to the swimming pool. In the interest of health and safety another adult is needed with the class teacher. I am asking that some parents/adults from each of the ‘swimming’ classes would offer to go to Mount Wolseley with the class. If enough parents offer a rota system could be set up. Please get in touch with Fiona or myself if you feel you can help out – Wednesdays 1.15p.m. to about 2.45p.m. We will need help or else swimming will not be able to go ahead.

♦Headlice: In the interest of your daughter’s health, all hair must be tied up/back to prevent the spread of headlice. If you find your daughter has picked up lice, please speak to your doctor/pharmacy and treat as quickly as possible. The regular use of fine combing is recommended to ensure that the problem doesn’t persist.

♦Please ensure all your child’s belongings are clearly marked – especially cardigans, track suit tops and lunchboxes.

♦Entrance through Mill Street: The only entrance to the school is through the gate at Mill Street. Please note: parking is not allowed along the zig-zag lines outside the gate as it interferes with Jane’s work. Also, please do not park in the areas marked for buses.


♦ School Uniform Please ensure that your child wears the proper school uniform. 1. Bottle green pinafore/grey trousers. 2. Bottle green cardigan/jumper. 3. White shirt/blouse. 4. Green/white socks. 5. Tights are to be plain white, bottle green or black. They are easily available locally. Please do not ask your child to wear any other colour. P.E. Uniform is for P.E. days only.

♦ P.E. Please note – P.E. uniform is for P.E. days only. The school uniform is to be worn on all other days. The following are the days classes have P.E. J. Infants (Ms. O’Toole) – Tuesday S. Infants & 1st Class (Ms. Finnerty) – Tuesday S. Infants & 1st Class (Ms. Murphy) – Thursday 2nd class (Mrs. Cullen) – Friday 3rd class (Mrs. Murphy) – Wednesday 4th class (Ms. Dillon) – Tuesday 5th class (Ms. Turtle) – Wednesday 6th class (Mrs. Garahy) – Thursday

♦Please ensure that you inform us immediately if you change your contact number or address. In the interest of health and safety we must be provided with an emergency contact number.

♦At times local papers visit to do features on the school and photographs of the children are taken. Teachers also take photos of the children at particular activities. Parents generally wish their children to be included in these photographs. However, if you would prefer never to have your child included please inform the school of this in writing.

I hope that the coming school year will be a happy and fruitful one for all.

Signed:- Anne Kennelly Principal

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