Report 2014

Summary School Self-Evaluation Report                           SEPT 2014



As part of our ongoing work we conducted a school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in numeracy and literacy.

We undertook a school self-evaluation of teaching and learning during the past year and a half. We evaluated numeracy first and then literacy.

For this report we are concentrating on numeracy.   The report summarises the strengths that were identified and the areas that have been prioritised for improvement.


2.School Context

 Our school has its own context. There are 10 teachers and 214 pupils in the school.  We have a number of programmes operating in different classes- Music Generation, “Paired Reading” “Paired Maths” “Reading Buddies”. We had an exceptional team teaching model in operation but due to the recent loss of 3 support teachers and two mainstream class teachers this model is no longer viable.

Our pupils’ behaviour is of a very high standard. Pupils’ attendance levels are generally satisfactory. We are happy with our pupils’ learning but are always striving to improve.


. 3. Summary of school self-evaluation findings

We collected information from parents, pupils and teachers in preparing this report. We looked at how well our girls were doing in maths according to class tests and standardised tests. We also surveyed parents and pupils. We looked at teacher preparation and classroom management styles.


4.We found that our school has strengths in the following areas

40% of pupils are attaining above the national average

Parents are very supportive

Teachers plan effectively for learning and use a variety of teaching approaches

Pupils have a positive attitude to maths

The school is inclusive and treats all pupils equally


5.We found the following areas to be most in need of attention


        a. Measurement :    Time ,Money, Length, Weight, Capacity

        b. Problem-solving


6.We know because

Standardised Test Results tell us so

Teachers’ continuous assessment tells us so

Our surveys and evaluation told us so