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Science Week in 5th

Fifth class really enjoyed Science Week and had lots of fun taking part in a mini Science Fair! We learned how to make a volcano and how to make lots of different types of slime. We had a great time … Continue reading

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Weather Stations in 5th

This month we have been learning all about the weather. We investigated weather lore, recorded the weather every day and even made our own weather instruments. We made rain gauges, barometers, anemometers and weather vanes. We had great fun testing … Continue reading

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Autumn Trees in Junior Infants

We have been examining the tree around us and have noticed all the leaves falling to the we decided to depict it during art time! It got messy but was great fun.

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Scientists in Junior Infants

We have been investigating materials and the properties of materials recently. We sorted items into two group hard or soft and discussed why each belonged to that group. It was good fun!

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Safe Cross Code in Junior Infants

We were learning about safety on the roads today in school. We learned the Safe Cross Code song and tried on our new high visibility jackets. We learned that: we must use the code to get across the road we … Continue reading

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Lego Workshop in Fifth Class

Fifth class had a very special afternoon last Friday, when they took part in a Stop Motion Lego Workshop! The girls learned how to make their own movies using the stop motion technique and Lego figures. Their creations will be … Continue reading

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Famous Women in 5th

During our first term, fifth class learned about some inspirational women. The girls chose a woman who had made a difference and studied aspects of her life. From Anne Frank to Sally Ride, Abigail Adams to Princess Diana, the girls … Continue reading

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