Ms. Madden’s class have a fairy door!


Exciting news! Ms. Madden’s class have a new fairy door and a school fairy has moved in! Her name is Poppy Flutter and she loves raisins, playing with toys and writing notes for her new friends in our class!  The girls have been very busy during Aistear time making brick houses, gardens, swimming pools, classrooms and playgrounds for Poppy. They have also discussed healthy food that Poppy  may enjoy and have made her some delicious meals using healthy ingredients. We have to remember that Poppy only eats healthy food and absolutely can’t have Cheese Puffs, as they would turn her orange! We also explored the Fabric and Fibre strand of the Visual Arts curriculum by making costumes for Poppy using different materials. As we have been focusing on the weather this month, we made sure that the materials chosen would keep Poppy warm! Here are some photographs of us at work.

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