Length in 1st Class

In first class we are busy measuring! We found lots of things that are longer than 1 metre and shorter than 1 metre. We made a list of the things we found and had lots of fun doing maths along the way!

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Hard and Soft Materials in Junior Infants

We investigated a variety of materials in class and grouped them into 2 categories, either  hard or soft. We worked together in our groups and them did a cutting and pasting activity individually about hard and soft materials.

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Polar Bears in Junior Infants

The girls had lots of fun learning all about the Polar Bear recently. We learned three facts:

  • A baby Polar bear is called a cub
  • Polar bears hibernate and are carnivores
  • Polar Bears live in the Arctic

We also painted some lovely pictures of polar bears using finger printing!

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Chinese New Year in Junior Infants and 5th Class

Chinese New Year was in full swing in Junior Infants today with lots of help from 5th Class. The older girls acted as teachers in showing the younger children how to make dogs out of paper. This year is the year of the dog in Chinese culture. It was great fun and super cute pups were made!

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Literacy Stations in Infants

Friday is Literacy Station day in Junior Infants. We are steadily working our way through our sounds and having lots of fun in the process! We have 6 stations with a bus driver who leads the group at each. We spend 8minutes at each station enjoying a variety of activities such as

  • Sound recall/naming
  • Blending words
  • Free writing
  • Letter formation on whiteboards
  • Making letters/sounds using materials such as playdoh
  • Making words using magnetic letters

Take a look at us in action below!

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St. Brigids Crosses in 4th

4th class constructed St Brigid’s crosses from rushes as part of their celebration of St Brigid’s Feast Day.

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Glendale Visit

The girls in fourth class shared their talents by entertaining the residents of Sonas Nursing Home, Glendale and visitors to the Day Care Centre with their repertoire of carols and Christmas poems. The class very much enjoyed their performances and meeting with people from the community.

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